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Found at Valby

August 14, 2013





Eye popping

March 17, 2013

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art just north of Copenhagen offers a large exhibition on Pop Art design (graphic, product, interior,etc). Glorious pieces from the 60’s and 70’s are displayed in a plain scenography, notably posters from this golden age of handmade typography.








Happy New Year

February 10, 2013


Bodies as canvases

July 4, 2011

Exploring wearable design is fun. One gets to play with the human silhouette through shapes and materials. Focusing on paper in all its forms– cut, dyed, crumpled, coated, in motion –two projects came out of these two weeks with teachers Amanda Parkes and David Gauthier.

From Superfemininity– a comment on the powers of being a woman, enhancing the mother’s and the femme fatale’s physical attributes –to HomoChlorophyllus, a futuristic scenario where humans embody the processes of nature– here, a genetically-engineered man is able to photosynthesize –I pursued the idea of puppetry and animating inert material together with teammates Daim Yoon and Harsha Vardhan Ramesh Babu.

Also delight at Helle Rohde Andersen‘s video of the makings of the Performative Design class.

Are commissioned street artists sell-outs?

December 6, 2010

Fresh home from another DAC (Danish Architecture Centre) curated event coupling one of BIG’s architect Jacob Lange and street artist Victor Nash – the latter working large scale murals for over 2 decades around Europe – and their fruitful collaboration in the VM Bjerget housing complex in Ørestad’s new urban area. Exciting point of views from both the speakers and the audience raised numerous questions about the status of commissioned street art. Must it be illegal? Are street artists selling out? Recently adorned by the general public as a genuine – if not mainstream – art form, street art is still asked to redefine its borders and future.

Picture above courtesy of Victor Nash

Delicate japanese niceties

December 4, 2010

Picked up at the British Museum among the outstanding collections of objects, prints, etc. from Japan.

Art for all

November 1, 2010

Interesting display of danish artists at the Øksnehallen artfair this weekend.

The exciting work of my friend Ida Marie Lebech Jørgensen. She combines dynamic brush strokes and delicate drawing and collage techniques into a body of work that’s both strong and feminine.

Beautiful portraits of teenage boys by Barbara Wilson, depicting the chrysalis state of 16 – 17 – 18 year-olds blossoming into manhood.

Steen Berg Hansen and his bright and quirky paintings.

Frederik Kløve Jacosen diverse and modern paintings, mixing techniques (painting, collage, stencil).

The happy art of Marie Louise Grupe.

Also spotted at the fair, the exciting collaboration of Ulrik Jantzen and Mark Wiggers, combining their photographic and pictural skills into poetic and weird compositions.