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My stuff, now for sale in Taiwan!

August 6, 2012




Le sweet tooth from Paris

June 29, 2012

Research, doodles and sketches around all things delicious. Selected works are to become T-shirts prints for Taiwan brand SoThatsMe.

The Simon series

June 29, 2012

The Simon series depict the tribulations of a small character with a knack for expressing how he feels. Simon was created for taiwanese fashion brand SoThat’sMe and will appear on T-shirts and totes soon.

Bodies as canvases

July 4, 2011

Exploring wearable design is fun. One gets to play with the human silhouette through shapes and materials. Focusing on paper in all its forms– cut, dyed, crumpled, coated, in motion –two projects came out of these two weeks with teachers Amanda Parkes and David Gauthier.

From Superfemininity– a comment on the powers of being a woman, enhancing the mother’s and the femme fatale’s physical attributes –to HomoChlorophyllus, a futuristic scenario where humans embody the processes of nature– here, a genetically-engineered man is able to photosynthesize –I pursued the idea of puppetry and animating inert material together with teammates Daim Yoon and Harsha Vardhan Ramesh Babu.

Also delight at Helle Rohde Andersen‘s video of the makings of the Performative Design class.

Circle obsession

September 11, 2010

Found on a street market, a lovely piece of handmade jewelery by Michelle Neumann Eriksen.

64 days of spring

May 20, 2010

“Pop-up shop initiative”, Uld & Bomuld (Wool & Cotton) is open just 64 days. On offer, cool clothes and selected vintage furniture.

Street marketing strategy

February 17, 2010

Fashion magazine Dansk’s latest issue is out and up on the walls.

A.P.C. 2010 catalogue by French designers m/m

February 17, 2010

Check out their work on