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I scream.

March 24, 2014

Love the artwork on the best ice cream shop in Islands Brygge, maybe in the whole of Copenhagen.




Truly Daring School

February 9, 2013

The seven-graders of Tove Ditlevsen School created this sizeable wooden structure as part of a municipality-funded project.




Summer in the city

August 31, 2011






From Copenhagen to Avignon in France and back.






Visual treats from Denmark’s second biggest city

December 13, 2010

Second biggest but not second best in street art, Århus has seen it’s underground art scene explode in the past years, shaking up a somewhat sleepy northern town.

Are commissioned street artists sell-outs?

December 6, 2010

Fresh home from another DAC (Danish Architecture Centre) curated event coupling one of BIG’s architect Jacob Lange and street artist Victor Nash – the latter working large scale murals for over 2 decades around Europe – and their fruitful collaboration in the VM Bjerget housing complex in Ørestad’s new urban area. Exciting point of views from both the speakers and the audience raised numerous questions about the status of commissioned street art. Must it be illegal? Are street artists selling out? Recently adorned by the general public as a genuine – if not mainstream – art form, street art is still asked to redefine its borders and future.

Picture above courtesy of Victor Nash

Iron-on graffiti

December 6, 2010

London’s streets – part 2

December 4, 2010

In the home town of Banksy, loads of different street art styles are to be found on the walls. All photographs courtesy of Rune Kirt.

London’s streets

December 3, 2010

Straight out from the boroughs of Shoreditch and Clerkenwell.

My neighbours are weird

November 1, 2010

F… art?

October 30, 2010